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Power UP Personnel Services removes the burden of time consuming and complex, administrative tasks associated with payroll. Also, if you have possible candidates that you would like to hire, we can process the paperwork necessary to put them to work when you need them.
We take care of the screening, testing, and background checks as needed.

We run payroll until you are ready to take over, allowing you to redirect your focus and strength towards growing your business.

Payroll continues to be at the center of what we do!



  • We provide excellent customer service and support
  • We pay the employees
  • We provide W-2 Administration
  • We manage garnishment and child support deductions
  • We calculate and pay the tax withholdings
  • We assume responsibility for any disability, unemployment,
    or workers compensation claims filed
  • One low cost with no hidden fees of any kind


  • Eliminates the unproductive burden and complexity of payroll
  • Runs payroll faster and easier in just a few steps
  • Processes payroll anywhere there’s internet access—accurately and on time
  • Lowers your personnel administration cost and employment liabilities
  • Automatically calculates, deposits, and files payroll taxes
  • Pays employees by check or direct deposit

Offering Risk Free Hiring!